Signals of Danger

The morning after their arrival the sun rises as a red glare indicating danger. Pg. 206, Flint Way.

The attack proceeds, and they fight even in the village. Two of Sun's children are killed, and Sun rises red and trembling until the perfect shell discs in which they were dressed are recovered for him. Pg. 216, Enemy Way.

Navajo Chantway Myths, 1957; Katherine Spencer.

67. However, the Navajo seldom place a red color at the east. The Red Ant Chant seems to be one of the few exceptions where this color occurs there. Perhaps their general feeling about red east is best explained by Fishler's Navajo informant who said:"In the morning, if there is a red or gold color in the east, it foretells fevers, coughs or epidemics to come." In the Beginning, p. 11.

They Sang for Horses:The Impact of the Horse on Navajo and Apache Folklore; 1966, La Verne Harrell Clark.