Pueblos Tricked

In order to secure sacred offerings the gods send the twins to Pueblo towns (Moki) with plagues for their crops (kangaroo rat, worm, talisman to produce wind, grasshoppers), which will be let loose in the fields and for the riddance of which the twins will be paid. The twins travel to the Pueblo towns on a rainbow. They are refused food and shelter, mocked and teased by the Pueblos. They let loose the first pest and the Pueblo's finally offer valuables as payment for their help in getting rid of it. Soon the Pueblos treat them badly again. This procedure is repeated three more times, and each time the twins acquire more valuables. By the fourth time the Pueblos begin to suspect that the twins have sent the plagues as revenge for their bad treatment. They plot to kill them and regain their valuables, but the twins escape miraculously on a rainbow with the sacred offerings. Pg. 164, The Stricken Twins.

Navajo Chantway Myths, 1957; Katherine Spencer.