Among the explanatory elements already cited, two concern property or material possessions the prescription of the marriage payment and the belief that earth people would quarrel over sandpaintings. The possession of property is used as a standard of comparison in a reference to Apache aliens; The fact that Navajo runners win valuables from them is given as the reason why the Navajo have ever since been richer than their neighbors. These references indicate the importance attributed to the possession of property, particularly as it is useful for sexual and ritual purposes. Pg. 47

Mythology and Values, An Analysis of Navajo Chantway Myths; 1957, Katherine Spencer

Navajos value people above things, the individual over material goods. A Traditional Navajo gains no status by accumulating possessions. In fact wealth may be taken as evidence one is neglecting his most important responsibility of caring for his relatives. Pg. 12

Navajo Taboos; 1991, Ernie Bulow.