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The Day Animals and the Night Animals played a moccasin game that lasted four days. The Night Animals and Birds had Owl as their leader. The Day Animals and Birds had Coyote as their leader. Both sides decided the game had to come out a tie, because if one side won, it would be either all night or all day for everyone ever after, and no one wanted that to happen. So a small stone was hidden in one of the many moccasins of the game. Nighthawk took first guess, and won. Then Big Squirrel won. Then Small Owl. Then Martin. Then Bat. Then Gray Squirrel. Then Prairie Dog. Then, the stone got lost. Gopher and locust looked underground for it but they could not find the stone. Then Red Bird struck Owl's hand, and the stone, which Owl had been hiding, dropped out. And the game was ended as a tie. Pgs. 40, 41

The Gift of the Gila Monster, Navajo Ceremonial Tales; 1993, Gerald Hausman.

The moccasins of the bear and the porcupine were placed on the side of darkness. The moccasins of the gopher and the badger were used for the day people's side. Pg. 65

The Dine': Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians; 1956, Aileen O'Bryan.

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