Plume Way

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The Wheelwright version of Plume Way includes reference to the above discussed episodes, but they are here subordinated to other events. This story is introduced by a portion of the general origin myth: Separation of the sexes, emergence, placing of heavenly bodies and other natural phenomena, and slaying of monsters by war gods. An account if given of the witch father-in-laws evil activities in preemergence times. The story of Plume Way proper apparently begins with the birth of the hero, who seeks his sun father through dangers and trials in which he has supernatural aid. He is finally acknowledged by Sun and given game power. He is unsuccessful in hunting, however, until after completion of episodes similar to the hollow log trip, planting with help of turkey and marriage to daughter of the guardian of game. With the help of his new father-in-law he indulges in excess of hunting and becomes paralyzed, "crazy," and finally transformed into an antelope. Restored from this condition, he drinks at a pool, is swallowed by fish, and later restored by his father-in-law. He returns to his people with ritual knowledge. Pg. 166, Plume Way.

Navajo Chantway Myths, 1957; Katherine Spencer.

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