Native American Legends & Culture

Arts, Crafts & Trades

    Chief Rug
    Hózhó and Navajo Basketry
    Hunting/Work Implements
    Klagetoh Rugs
    Navajo Basketry
    Navajo Blacksmiths
    Navajo Bull Roarer or Groaning Stick
    Navajo Ceremonial Baskets
    Navajo Cradles
    Precious Stones
    Red Mesa Rugs
    Sandpainting Textiles
    Silversmith Work
    Storm Rugs
    Two Grey Hills Rugs
    Zuni Fetishes


    All Animals
    Big Snake - Navajo Mythological Creature
    Butterfly in Navajo Traditional Stories
    Coyote and Lizard Navajo Animal Stories
    Coyote and Skunk
    Coyote, Porcupine and the Elk
    How Buzzard Got His Feathers
    How Coyote Got His Yellow Eyes
    Navajo Bat Story
    Rabbit & Coyote
    Sacred Birds
    Small Birds
    Small Duck
    Stinging Insects
    Turtle & Frog
    Various Birds
    Various Insects


    Buffalo People in Navajo Mythology
    Changing Bear Maiden
    Cicada & Corn Beetle
    Corn Spirits in Navajo Mythology
    Coyote of Navajo Mythology
    Coyote Stealing Fire
    Coyote, First Man and Placing the Stars
    Fire God
    First Man
    First Pair
    First Woman
    Gila Monster
    Great Coyote
    Hero Twins/Monster Slayer
    Holy Ones
    Horned Toad
    Hunchback God
    Mother Earth, Father Sky
    Navajo Big Snake Man
    Navajo Changing Woman
    Navajo Cloud People
    Navajo Coyote Woman
    Rainbow People
    Salt Woman
    Spider Woman
    Star People
    Talking God
    Water Creatures
    Water Sprinkler
    White Bead Maiden


    Corn in Navajo Traditional Life
    Creation of Light
    Cyclone, Wind, Stars
    Dine Emergence/Creation
    Drying of the Earth
    Four Cardinal Light
    Four Directions
    Four Sacred Plants
    Great Flood
    Navajo Core of the Universe
    Origin of Objects
    Sacred Mountains
    Seasons & Months
    The Whirling Logs
    Time of Day
    Tree of Life
    Various Worlds
    Whirling Logs
    Wind & Inner Form

General Life / Men & Women

    Creation of Man
    Long Walk
    Male/Female Separation
    Mortuary Customs
    Navajo and Apache
    Navajo Clans
    Navajo Weddings
    Pueblos Tricked
    Separation of Clans
    Signals of Danger

Healers & Healing

    Medicine Men
    Ritual Ceremony


    An Introduction to Ways/Chantways
    Bead Chant
    Beauty Chant
    Eagle Way
    Ghostway Ritual
    Hail Way
    Hollow Log Trip
    Male Shooting Way
    Moth Way
    Night Chant
    Plume Way
    Shoe Game
    Song of the Rain Chant
    Tsilkehji - Mountain Chant
    War/Squaw Dance

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