Eunice Joe

Eunice Joe

Indiana Watson's Indian Weavings

Woven by Eunice Joe

Navajo weaver Eunice Joe of Cove , Arizona wove this small Classic / Late Classic serape. From ~1885 to 1910, such small replicas of the larger Classic Period serapes and wearing blankets were woven for the tourist trade. They were sold in the Fred Harvey shops on Rt.66, often referred to as a "Child's blanket." We provided Eunice with mill-spun, single-ply yarn composed of 70% mohair (Angora Goat) and 30% wool to weave it.

Our company hand-dyed the indigo "Colorado Blue Spruce" background yarn (indigo dyed over the yellow), and the aniline red and yellow. This blanket is desinged with large thick red and yellow transverse steped stripes and thin chevron stripes, similar to the perimeter cord appearance. It has perfect bilateral symmetry.

The 3-ply perimeter cords are spun / plied with the Navajo spindle using the Angora yarn. These red and yellow cords are twisted barber pole style. The woven density is ~10 warps per inch and ~34 wefts per inch. The warp is single ply, mill-spun wool. The Angora yarn woven in this density yields a blanket with the supple soft texture of an Angora sweater.

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