Mark Jimenez

Mark Jimenez knew at fifteen years old that he was destined to be a silversmith and jewelry designer.  He remembers distinctly the first time he felt the metal in his hand and the creativity it inspired in him. "Jewelry," he explains, " is an inanimate object until it is worn and takes on the personality and life of the wearer."  Each piece he designs is done with the idea that the piece is meant to bring life - the past, present and the future - to the wearer and he uses that imagery when designing his silver and gold pieces.  Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1958, Mark descends from a long history of artists.  His mother's family are renowned weavers from Chimayo in which the family has weavings on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and their work dates back to 1732, according to the archives in Santa Fe.  Mark's father's family are Mescalero, Apache and Mexican, are known for thier Native American sculptures in alabaster and wood.  The artist has taken the precise detailed work of his mother's weavings and blended it with the Native American traditional themes of his father's family's sculptures to design jewelry that represents the past, present and future, of not only Native Americans,  but all of mankind.

He explains, "it is mankind - what we all share that is the same that I try to present in my jewelry. I try to create in jewelry the similarities we all share, the past, the present and future."  Although most Native American jewelry is silver, Mark combines silver and gold in many of his more contemporary pieces. he is not confined to any one style and allows his art work to reflect, not only the traditions of his Native American roots but allows his creativity to inspire his vision of the future.  mark has exhibited in The Heard Museum in Arizona and The Gilcrease Museum in Oklahoma.  His jewelry is displayed in galleries in Coronado Island, California, Naples, Florida, Boca Raton, Florida, San Diego, California, Berlin, Massachusetts, Woodbine, New Jeresy, and Soho in New York City.  He has won several first place awards in numerous shows and has been featured in Southwest Magazine.  Mark is most proud that many celebrities are Mark Jimenez collectors including Oprah Winfrey, Linda Grey, Paul Rodriquez, Brooks and Dunn and several other country and western personalities.

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