Doris Tawahongva

Every time I asked a weaver if she made deep baskets, I was told either "No, but" or "Yes, but," with the weaver going on to say that Dora could make them much better and "really knows how to make them."   She produces beautifully executed plaques and smaller deep baskets...She has won so many prizes and ribbons that she could not tell me how many, though she has never submitted to the Indian Market in Santa Fe...

...The large, deep form of Hopi coiled and wicker baskets (excluding the wicker burden basket) was produced in the late nineteenth century, more for the benefit of non-Hopi collectors than for utilitarian or ceremonial needs of the Hopis themselves.  

In contrast to large coiled baskets which have figurative designs, large wicker baskets are decorated only with geometric designs.  In wicker, Katsina figures and faces are reserved for plaques.

--Excerpts from Hopi Basket Weaving by Helga Teiwes

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