Darrel Ben

Darrell Ben - Sand Painter:

At age fifteen, Darrel Ben started sandpainting with fine lines and exquisite detail - the tradition of other Ben family members. He was taught this art by his brothers Joe and Wilfred. He prefers to do traditional sandpaintings and uses extensive symbolism. Although some of his ideas come from his brother, a medicine man, his sandpaintings are also influenced by his dreams. His artistic talent is expressed in the variety of symbolism he uses to create a sandpainting.

Darrell was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in the late 1960's, but has spend most of his life on the Navajo reservation near Shiprock. His mother is a weaver, and his father is a medicine man and farmer. Many of his family members sandpaint in the collector quality style that he also uses. He relies on his sandpaintings as his only source of income.

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