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Woody Crumbo, a Potowatomi Indian from Oklahoma, became a well-known artist of Native American subjects. Of his career, he wrote: "Half of my life passed in striving to complete the pictorial record of Indian history, religion, rituals, customs, way of life, and philosophies . . . a graphic record that a million words could not begin to tell." (Snodgrass 42).

Crumbo was born in 1912 on his mother's reservation allotment near Lexington, Oklahoma. Woody Crumbo's father, Alex, was a horse trader who died when the youngster was just four. The family moved to the Potawatomi lands in Kansas where Crumbo attended grade school. When he was seven his mother died. Being orphaned, his education was stopped for ten years when he was in the third grade, and he moved in with a Creek Indian family near Sand Springs, Oklahoma. For the next 10 years, Crumbo lived with many different Indian families in the area. 

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