Leon Stewart

Leon started making jewelry at the age of fifteen.  At eighteen years of age, silversmithing became a big part of his life.  He spent six months in Phoenix making jewelry for a company.  From 1990-1993, he worked for a company name Rocking Horse.  In 1993, he decided to go out on his own with his work.  From that time forward, Leon has been an independant silversmith.

Leon is not only a fine silversmith, but a pillar of his family.  He is always taking care of his family whether hauling water and wood for his parents.  A full-hearted man, Leon makes time to take kids to other places, such as Phoenix and Holbrook.  His attention to detail is reflected in his personal life.  Leon owns two trucks, both with over 500,000 miles on the odometer, both with their original engines.  He carefully maintains his vehicles and is steadfast for his family.  These qualities are very much reflected in  his fine jewelry.

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