Myrtle Cata

Northern Pueblo Pottery Artist Myrtle Cata

Two aspects of her handmade pottery distinguishes her work from any other Pueblo pottery artist.  Not having a pottery tradition in her own family, Myrtle deeply admires the shimmering hand built vessels produced with the unique micaceous clay of the area.  The vast majority of pottery artists working with this particular clay rely on the mica's shimmer for producing a finished shine to their work.  Myrtle learned how to slip and stone polish her pottery.  Taking that extra step results in a sparkling, almost slippery finish not found in other micaceous pottery.  Famed Nambe potter, Lonnie Vigil, deeply admires this extra step Myrtle takes in the creation of her highly individualized pottery form.

The other special aspect of Myrtle Cata pottery are the forms themselves.  Again, because there was no strong family or village strictures for her to follow, Myrtle took traditional shoulder olla and wedding vase forms and gave them her own smooth interpretation.  The result is unexpected twists to storage vessels and mellow ridges to her melon pieces. 

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