Jimmie Harrison

Navajo Silversmith Jimmie Harrison

Jimmie Harrison is from the Cove, Arizona and Shiprock, New Mexico area of the Navajo Reservation.  He has been a full time artist since 1981 when, as he puts it, he got all his tools.  His designs that consistently mean a lot to him are Yeibichai figures, the stars at night in the galaxy, and landscapes of the Navajo Reservation.  His inlays are all handmade with a constructed body.

After studying music and PE at the University of New Mexico he went to the Del Debbio school in Paris, France on a scholarship to study painting.  After coming back he started working with Preston Monongye.  Jimmy regards Preston, now deceased, and his son Jessie as extended family.  Jimmie is a single parent of 2 boys both who are talented golfers like himself.  His other hobbies include sketching and photography.

Jimmy especially enjoys completing with an award winning showpiece.  He says he gets so much satisfaction to think of a design, putting it together then seeing the finished product.

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