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Darryl Begay

Darryl Begay - Jeweler

Darryl learned the art of Tufa casting from his uncle Bobby Begay. Through trial and error Darryl has created his own style of jewelry. Rich in Navajo culture, his hard work has brought Darryl recognition in the native art scene. Raymond C. Yazzie taught Darryl the difficult technique of corn row style inlay. Raymond has also been sharing his metal smithing techniques and has been a mentor to Darryl. The meticulous carving of thte Tufa stone has brought Darryl to new levels as his jewelry has become more three dimensional. With a recenrt trip to the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Darryl has learned new techniques which he will incorporate in his jewelry. For now he is making one masterpiece at a time.

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