Sam Tenakhongva

Sam Tenakhongva

Sam brings the best of traditional ways and contemporary training to his life and artwork. Sam was raised traditionally by his father, Clark, a well-respected kachina doll artist and performing artist who is deeply involved in traditional Kachina Society. His mother, Anne, is from a First Mesa family known for their fine pottery. Anne specializes in beautiful sewing. Together, the two of them instilled in their children the importance of their tradition and the value of a good education. Each of their four children has graduated from or is attending university.

Sam has a Bachelor in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Graphic Arts. He now works for the Hopi Tribe, helping them with projects needing his artistic skills. From the time, he was initiated in Kachina Society, Sam has been carving and specializes in cradle kachinas, the elementary form introduced to very young children. Each figure is carved from cottonwood root and painted with natural pigments mixed with kaolin.

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