Nellie Grandson

Nellie Grandson - Basket Weaver:If you were to see Nellie Grandson on the street you would most likely believe you were beholding the perfect examples of an elderly Navajo woman. A velveteen blouse adorned with hand wrought silver and turquoise. Flowing satin skirts billowing out to catch the coolness of a rare summer breeze. Carefully combed hair pulled back and tied in a traditional bun. And the shy downward glance from those beautiful brown eyes and weathered face. You would be correct in your assumption, "the perfect example".

Nellie not only has the classic look of her people, but is industrious as well. She is practiced in the art of basketry, an age old craft only a small number of weavers maintain. Nellie Grandson has a knack of portraying powerful symbols of tradition in her art, leaving the pictorial image to relate the stories of old. Stories that relate life ways, moralities and help guide one on the proper pathways towards respect and understanding. Nellie is truly a classic, a storyteller through her art.

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