Ralph Aragon

Ralph Aragon

Ralph Aragon - Pottery: Ralph Aragon is an artist originally from San Felipe Pueblo. He married Joan Gachupin from the Zia Pueblo in New Mexico. Ralph has a unique perspective to his work, blending his unique style with traditional Zia patterns in his pottery, shields, and paintings. The pottery as canvas is Joan's influence as her family is known for fine, traditional pottery. Her sister is Dora Tse-Pe Pena. When people look at the designs Ralph executes on the pottery, they say, "Well, that work is not traditional Zia pottery." Ralph responds, "No, it is Ralph Aragon pottery." Ralph knows exactly who he is and it is this strong signature which sets his work apart from any other pottery artist.

When Ralph had his first gallery show ten years ago, he was featured with some of the finest contemporary Southwest painters who use ancient rock art as a theme through their work. Ralph was the one artist represented who had a true cultural connection to the rock art represented. Every one at that show commented on what a truly fine painter Ralph is, a point sometimes missed because for years his chosen canvas has been traditional pottery and shields. Ralph had merely chosen to take his training from the Institute of American Indian Arts and blend it with his need to do something different with his art. Finally, this year, Ralph decided to paint canvases where his layered textures have translated well to the two-dimensional surface.

Ralph's and Joan's talents have been passed on to one of their daughters, Leslie, who is showing beautiful pottery of her own. He has received awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Gallup Ceremonial, Eight Northern Pueblo Show and the New Mexico State Fair.

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