Jean Greyeyes

Jean Greyeyes Jean Greyeyes - Navajo Jewelry Artist:
Jean's favorite place to work is in Tsegi Canyon. Her parents, Pete and Bessie, live there and while watching their sheep, she will pull out her needlenose pliers and silver wire and commence creating her unique woven necklaces and pins. Jean does not like soldering so every element of her jewelry is created by her. When Jean was younger, her mother, Bessie, would bug her to weave rugs. One day, Jean created a woven silver piece and from that day forward, her mother never bothered her again about weaving. She compares her jewelry to the traditions of both basket and rug weaving. She creates the framework like a rug loom and then weaves the silver much as one would wrap the weft strands of a basket. The horned toad is one of her favorite designs. Jean says, "He is a protector and has always intervened on behalf of the Navajo people".

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