Toby Henderson

Toby Henderson

Toby Henderson was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  The roots of his family tree are buried deep in the Borrego Pass area of the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. Toby's mother Ella Long, his grandparents, Helen and Jim Long, and his Uncle Phillip Long, and Tommy Long are all silver and gold smiths recognized for high quality and innovative workmanship. Toby learned his art from his grandparents with whom he spent the summer months when he was a young boy. Toby recalls that his Grandparents were patient and inspiring instructors.  They were pleased that he was carrying on the family silversmith tradition.  Toby's work can be described as both traditional and contemporary, he has a special fondness for hand crafted, three-dimensional, sterling silver kachinas and Yei-be-chei figures.  Toby was the first in his family to create these freestanding Holy People figures.  With his daughters and son Toby keeps the family tradition alive.  The boy and girls help with everything from design to buffing and polishing.

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