Nellie Curley

Nellie Curley Nellie Curley is recognized as one of the premier Dine weavers of our time. She works primarily in vegetal and natural colored wool. Her weavings include traditional and contemporary designs. Her innovative vision combines with her rich tradition creating one-of-a-kind works of art. Her weaving designs are implemented in Burnham, Ganado, Klagetoe, Crystal, Storm Pattern, Two Greyhills, Classic Revival, and Yeii Biecheii tapestry - also multiple weaving with up to 20 regional styles, sample, large rug, and miniatures.

Nellie's statement: "My greatest source of inspiration is trying hard to be different from all the other weavers. I wanted my own style - I don't just do it for fun or publicity. I weave every strand from the bottom of my heart."

Family Clans:
Kinyaa aanii (Towering House People)
Born for Honaghaahnii (One Who Walks Around)

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