Artists in the Native American Baskets Archives:

Lapita Atene
Tenille Atene
Alice Begay
Jenny Begay
Rachel F. Begay
Lulu Benally
Cynthia Betsuie
Bennie Bitsinnie
Bonnie Bitsinnie
Kee Bitsinnie
Charlene Bitsuie
Anderson Black
Christine Black
Christopher Black
Cora Black
Crystal Black
Danala Black
Eddie Black
Jamison Black
Jonathan Black
Karlena Black
Kayla Black
Lorraine Black
Mary Holiday Black
Maybelle Black
Nellie Black
Peggy Black
RaeLynn Black
Sally Black
Sonja Black
Joan Brink
Joyce Buchanan
Sally Chief
Evelyn Cly
Jean Cly
Margaret Cly
Martina Cly
Nielson Cly
Marion Cruz
Lester Denetsosie
Mary J. Dudley
Darlene Eddie
Benita Freddy
Delfina Freddy
Helena Freddy
Nellie Grandson
Agnes Gray
Tasheena Gray
Althen Holiday
Angelina Holiday
Bessie Holiday
Elsie Holiday
Erick Holiday
Henry Holiday
Mary Holiday
Peter Holiday
Lynnaya Joe
Benjamin Johnson
Betty Rock Johnson
Chris Johnson
Gene Johnson
Joann Johnson
Mary Johnson
Vee (Verna) Johnson
Nedra Ketchum
Christine King
Edith King
Fannie King
Abe Lehi
Maybelle Lehi
Pete Lewis
Marcine Lopez
Lola Mike
Addie Molina
Bernie Monero
Ervin Nakai
Alicia Nelson
Bernice T. Norton
Bessie Owl
Aaron Rock
Annie Rock
Charlene Rock
Eleanor Rock
Etta Rock
Jenny Rock
Therdine Singer
Tiffany Singer
Loretta Smallcanyon
Bernice Smiley
Louise Owl Tallman
Cheryl Thomas
Mary Thomas
Rose Ann Whiskers
Mary Yazzie
Other Basket Artists
Unknown Artist

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