"Noble" - Acrylic on Canvas by Leland Holiday (#163)


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16" x 20"

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Self-taught Navajo painter and sculptor Leland Holiday has consistently created art in which he finds great joy. With this eagle painting, Leland expresses the Navajo belief that eagles are intermediaries between the real and the spirit world. These powerful fliers aid in communication with deity by carrying messages to the upper realms. Leland’s painting is a bold and aggressive expression of a raptor focused on invaluable aid to a worthy people.

About the artist:

Leland Holiday Leland Holiday - Navajo Folk Artist:
As a young boy, Leland was inspired by the paintings of his uncle, Howard Holiday. He started doing pencil drawings when he was seven years old. Thirsting to learn more about art, he started checking out library books. He loved seeing the work of Picasso, Jackson Pollack, and Georgia O'Keefe, but was especially blown away by the work of Jean Michele Basquiat. See full biography | See all items by Leland Holiday

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