Frog Basket from Hail Chant (2002) (#01)

Frog Basket from Hail Chant (2002)
Frog Basket from Hail Chant (2002)
Frog Basket from Hail Chant (2002)
Frog Basket from Hail Chant (2002)

Frog Basket from Hail Chant (2002) (#01)

Kayla Black


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Back in the year 2002, on the northeastern edge of Monument Valley, Navajo land, Mary Holiday Black was educating another young pupil in the art of basketry. Kayla Black, a granddaughter through Mary and Jesse's son Anderson, was under the tutelage of the most recognized Navajo basket weaver of all time. Mary is the matriarch of Navajo basket weavers because of her selfless instruction to those willing to spend the time and effort to learn and grow. From that joint undertaking between Mary and her granddaughter Kayla sprang this wonderful basket featuring Frogs from the Hail Chant. Because she has suffered several small, yet debilitating strokes, Mary no longer weaves. Mary now lives with, and verbally instructs her prodigies, how to weave superior baskets. Through Mary, yet another star may rise.

About the artist:

Navajo Basket Weaver Kayla Black

Rarely does such a young weaver show so much promise. Kayla Black is a mere ten years old and already weaving baskets on a standard many will never reach. Much of the credit must go to her paternal grandmother, Mary Holiday Black, who took her in at a very young age and exposed her infant charge to the fine art of Navajo basket weaving. The process began with Kayla picking up the left over Sumac and stripping it into splits for her grandmother, this began at the ripe old age of three years old. Having a master weaver as a patient and loving tutor has fostered a basket weaving prodigy..

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