Pendant by Will Denetdale (#273)

Pendant by Will Denetdale
Pendant by Will Denetdale
Pendant by Will Denetdale

Pendant by Will Denetdale (#273)


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Natural Kingman Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant by Will Denetdale
2" x 1 1/8"

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Kingman turquoise was first discovered and mined by ancient Native American civilizations, long before Europeans arrived in the New World. As a result, it is one of the most important Arizona turquoise mines in existence.  Only about three percent of the stones mined at Kingman are naturally hard enough to be used unprocessed. These natural, untreated stones are among the most valuable on today's market.  This unusual cabochon falls into that upper three percent and is an amazing example of the unique nature of natural Kingman turquoise.  After receiving the stone, Will Denetdale added to its beauty by hand-fabricating a striking sterling setting.  The combination of high-grade turquoise and Will's artistry make for an amazingly appealing piece of Navajo jewelry.

About the artist:

Will Denetdale

Will Denetdale - Navajo Jewelry:
One of the most talented Navajo gold and silversmiths currently producing jewelry, Will Denetdale is making an indelible mark in the world of Native American art. His name is becoming famous in his trade; his art a standard by which other pieces may be judged. Will's success as an artist is proportionate to his devotion, and Will Denetdale lives to make jewelry.

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