1960s Zuni Eagle Dancer Inlay Buckle & Pin Set - Frank Vacit (#043)

1960s Zuni Eagle Dancer Inlay Buckle & Pin Set by Frank Vacit
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1960s Zuni Eagle Dancer Inlay Buckle & Pin Set - Frank Vacit (#043)


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Zuni Jewelry
1960s Handmade Sterling Silver Eagle Dancer Buckle and Pin Set Inlayed with Turquoise, Jet, Coral and Mother of Pearl
Buckle - 2 3/8" tall x 2 3/4" wide
Pin - 2 1/4 diameter
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

Eagles are of two worlds, the earth and sky.  They are privileged beings having a broader perspective and greater experience; they are messengers to the Gods.  One of man's greatest desires is to soar like the eagle, to touch the heavens on feathers light as the breeze.  Earth bound beings can only dance, but to dance is to dream and to dream is to fly.

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