10 1/2 inch Ceremonial Basket - Betty Rock Johnson (#104)

10 1/2 inch Ceremonial Basket by Betty Rock Johnson
Partial close up of 10 1/2 inch Ceremonial Basket by Betty Rock Johnson
Opposite partial close up of 10 1/2 inch Ceremonial Basket by Betty Rock Johnson
Navajo Basket Weaver Betty Rock Johnson holding her 10 1/2inch Cermeonial Basket

10 1/2 inch Ceremonial Basket - Betty Rock Johnson (#104)


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Navajo Baskets
10 1/2"

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About the artist:

Betty Rock Johnson Born and raised on the Eastern edge of Monument Valley, Betty Rock Johnson is a true child of the desert. Raised traditionally in the old way of the Dine ("the people"). She has the look and character of an Elder. The sun, wind, and rain are responsible for the unique character of both the land formations and the furrowed brow and leathery features of its residents. Betty is a product of the elements and shows Mother Earth's handiwork in her eyes and countenance. A basket weaver from a very young age Betty Johnson has perfected her art and creates unique interpretations of her native culture and beliefs. Betty has also produced a number of offspring, she has trained in basket weaving to make it a family affair - an effort the family both enjoys a great deal and relies on to supplement their income. See full biography | See all items by Betty Rock Johnson

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Navajo Basketry

Basketry is a woman's industry, which is also pursued by the nadle (he changes), hermaphrodites, or men skilled in the arts and industries of both men and women. Basketry, however, is not classified with textile fabrics (yistl'o), but with sewing (nalkhad). It is of interest also that, while the basket is in progress, the sewer is untouched and avoided by the members of her family?

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Navajo Ceremonial Baskets
The Navajo wedding basket also reflects many values of traditional life and so often contains all six sacred mountains, including Huerfano and Gobernador Knob, though the size of the basket may determine the numher of mountains in the design. The center spot in the basket represents the beginning of this world, where the Navajo people emerged from a reed? More about this legend

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