Zuni Double Serpentine Turtle Fetish- Ron Laahty (#04)

Zuni Double Serpentine Turtle Fetish by Ron Laahty
Other side of Zuni Double Serpentine Turtle Fetish by Ron Laahty
Back of Zuni Double Serpentine Turtle Fetish by Ron Laahty
Approximate size of Zuni Double Serpentine Turtle Fetish by Ron Laahty

Zuni Double Serpentine Turtle Fetish- Ron Laahty (#04)


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Zuni Fetish
Double Serpentine Turtle
Fetish Set with Jet and
Mother of Pearl Eyes
2 5/8" tall x 1 5/8" wide 

Turtles are water symbols to the Native people of the Colorado Plateau.  In this carving, master artist Ricky Laahty has put his skills to work and created a stack of water creatures.  Always on the lookout for special stones, Ricky has used a deep green serpentine to craft this marine marvel.  Yertle the Turtle King has nothing on this seafaring duo.

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