Navajo 5 Stone Candelaria Variscite Bracelet - Toby Henderson #068

Navajo 5 Stone Candelaria Variscite Bracelet - Toby Henderson #068
Navajo 5 Stone Candelaria Variscite Bracelet - Toby Henderson #068
Navajo 5 Stone Candelaria Variscite Bracelet - Toby Henderson #068

Navajo 5 Stone Candelaria Variscite Bracelet - Toby Henderson #068


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Navajo Jewelry
Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Bracelet set with 5 Candelaria Variscite Stones
Size - 7
Inner Circumference - 5 5/8"
Opening - 1 3/8"

Veriscite is a copper mineral, a close cousin to turquoise, and, like the stones set in this bracelet, can be exceptionally beautiful.  The wintergreen color of this Candelaria Veriscite, which is contrasted by wispy black matrix, is eye-poppingly attractive.  Navajo silversmith Toby Henderson displays these natural, gem-grade stones in this classic, old-style, hand-wrought cuff.  Owning this bracelet is sure to make other collector's green with envy.

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 The Columbus/Candelaria turquoise mining district is centered around the ghost town of Candelaria, Nevada. Located in the west-central part of the state, Esmerelda County, the district is just 45 miles northeast of Tonopah, on US Highway 95. To be even more specific, the claims are generally located in a heavily worked open pit copper, silver and gold mine bordering the town. Map coordinates are: 38 degrees 09'26.00"N 118 degrees 05'13.00W, at 5,800 feet elevation.  

The Candelaria mine dates to the mid-1800s, when the Spanish first mined it for turquoise and variscite. Mining operations were recognizably established around Candelaria in1863, and were worked heavily in the 1870's. The town of Candelaria was founded in 1865, and in the 1980's and 90's the mine was largely expanded in search of precious metals.  

Today the mining company that owns the property infrequently leases claims to a few diligent miners. Many areas in the pit are dangerously inaccessible due to erosion and weathering, making Candelaria turquoise all the more rare. Small outlying claims are also mined on a sporadic basis. Candelaria turquoise is usually found in veins, seams and rarely as clam pseudomorphs.  

The Candelaria turquoise that can be found on today's market is generally of good commercial quality to gem grade. Colors range from medium to high, "electric", blue saturation. Candelaria turquoise can be pure, almost translucent, blue in color, similar to classic Blue Gem turquoise. The matrix patterns found in Candelaria turquoise are extremely varied, showing everything from birds-eye patterns, to knots with intermittent black to brown matrix. Spider web matrix is highly unusual in Candelaria turquoise, but has been known to exist. Material from this area is typically very hard.

The Candelaria region is probably best known for producing a beautifully attractive variscite, which comes in a wide spectrum of colors; again rarely found with spiderweb matrix. Candelaria variscite is generally very hard, with a high silica content.

About the artist:

Toby Henderson Toby Henderson's grandmother developed the style of kachina jewelry. She made bracelets, bolas, earrings and silver belt buckles out of sterling silver. She taught Toby how to make this style and by allowing him to use it, created a family tradition. He went on to perfect the standing kachina design as well as other jewelry. Each piece is made by hand and then soldered together. Creating these three dimensional figures in such a small scale requires time and patience. Toby takes great pride in his special creations. See full biography | See all items by Toby Henderson

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When and how the Navajo acquired the art of working metals is unknown but there are reasons for supposing that it was introduced among them, or at least more developed and improved upon by them, since the time they have occupied their present country?

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