Navajo Spirit of the Raven Rug - Carmelita Sagg (#14)

Navajo Spirit of the Raven Rug by Carmelita Sagg
Partial close up of Navajo Spirit of the Raven Rug by Carmelita Sagg
Partial close up of Navajo Spirit of the Raven Rug by Carmelita Sagg
Carmelita Sagg pictured with her Navajo Spirit of the Raven Rug

Navajo Spirit of the Raven Rug - Carmelita Sagg (#14)


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Navajo Rug
Spirit of the Raven
44 1/2" x 73"
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The Story of Twin Rocks Modern Weavings

In the late 1800's, Lorenzo Hubbell established his trading post at Ganado, Arizona. Shortly after the post was opened, Hubbell, along with traders like J. B. Moore and C.N. Cotton, became committed to helping improve the economic well-being of their Navajo trading partners through the development and expansion of rug and blanket weaving.

As part of his commitment to the Navajo people, Hubbell asked artists Eldridge Ayer Burbank, Bertha Little and others to paint small, simplified blanket patterns. The paintings; created in watercolor, conte crayon and oil, were then hung on the walls of the trading post to encourage local weavers to recreate the designs.

In 1993, Moab, Utah, painter Serena Supplee sat on her Navajo rug in the southeastern Utah desert searching for inspiration. It arrived in the form of a revelation directing her to paint a new style of Navajo weaving using bold tones, broad bands of color and motifs influenced by the geography and animal life of the Colorado Plateau. She immediately began painting watercolor images to illustrate her ideas.

A three-way partnership between Supplee, Twin Rocks Trading Post and several Navajo weavers has resulted in the latest style of Navajo weaving; Twin Rocks Modern. Lorenzo Hubbell's original inspiration has been reborn through the work of several individuals committed to pushing Navajo rug and blanket weaving to new heights and freeing the artists to create inspiring, innovative art.

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After the medicine woman told the people about the prayersticks she told them that there was a place in the underworld where two rivers crossed. It was called ni tqin'kae tsosi, fine fiber cotton (Indian hemp). There were two persons who brought the seed of that plant, they were spiders. They said that the people were to use the plant instead of skins for their clothing. So this seed was planted in the earth? More about this legend

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