Big Star - Sontso

Sontso (Big Star) was a medicine man for the the star people in the Great Star myth, who taught the hero of the myth the various chants and ceremonial knowledge to carry out the ceremony on the earth. Through his teachings the hero was able to win his family back from the clutches of Coyote. It is also through his mediation that Coyote and the Hero make peace with each other, with the instructions that neither should return to the wife and the admonition that there will always be different kinds of people in the world snake, coyote, star people and that "they must make the best of it."

The central figure is the great White Star with five Iknee, or Thunder Birds around it. Lightning and rain bundles are dropping from their wings, and their tails are edged with points of thunder. Their feet are cloud symbols. Above their heads are their bows and arrows.