Artwork by Lorraine Williams

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Navajo Square Rim Textile Pattern Pottery Vase - Lorraine Yazzie Williams (#42)


Navajo, Pottery, Pitch, Pot, Yei, Native, American, Indian

Navajo Large Female Yei Flood Bowl - Lorraine Williams (#36)


Lorraine Williams

Lorraine Williams - Navajo Pottery Artist

Lorraine is a master of shape and design and has done much to elevate what Navajo pottery represents.  In fact, Lorraine Williams has a message she wants to send to the world: that there is such a thing as Navajo pottery. "I try to push Navajo pottery," she says, "I want it to get noticed". - and it does get noticed. People will come around and say, "This is new, what is this?" and I tell them, "It's Navajo pottery."  They say, "I never knew Navajos made pottery." And I say, "Me, too; I never knew we made pottery."

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